Enjoyable Biking on the Katschberg

200 Km of designated forest roads and paths give free range to mountain bikers on the Katschberg. Surrounded by the magical scenery of Hohe Tauern and Nockberge national parks, mountain bikers are able to truly unfurl their wings.

When incorporated with those of the Lungau and Nock regions, our 600 km of mountain-bike trails make this one of the most variety-filled mountain-bike areas in all of Austria.

What a wonderful feeling it is as, with every turn of the pedals and every corner you take - far removed from noisy traffic and polluted air - you just keep going higher and higher.

By the time you make it to one of our friendly mountain huts, you will definitely have earned the hearty Carinthian cooking served there, which you can quietly enjoy amid the tranquility of our mountains, our surrounding alpine peaks constantly before your eyes. If you are in good condition, you might want to keep on going, perhaps even climbing to a mountaintop on foot, before finally returning to the valley below.